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Lynn became a massage therapist after studying acting, improv and stunts for 3 years.  She needed a day job for her dream job. Her creativity and multiple injuries ended up being the catalyst for her massage practice.

Graduated Fox Business School in West Hartford, CT in 2005 with a 4.0 GPA, she is nationally certified to work in 49 states and qualifies for NY.  She has been licensed by the State of CT since 2005. 

Lynn started her massage career in both physical therapy and chiropractic offices for the first 5 years. Having suffered numerous injuries doing stunts, she knew how the body recovers, and the best way to help her clients. She found herself drawn to athletes and people with injuries.

In 2010, Lynn opened up her first practice called "Miracle Massage". She had the opportunity to work on professional wresttlers back stage and began using heat packs. She got amazing results and began using heat in every massage. She then got her first athlete, a professional golfer who swears she gave him 3 inches on his swing.  

2012, Lynn opened Rapha Massage in the Sportsplex, Fairfield and developed Rapha Technique into a modality.  By this time she has worked on many disorders such as Parkinsons, chemotherapy, post surgery care, car accidents, etc. Part of her job is finding skin cancer. She's had 3 people treated successfully and found lymphoma.


In 2015 she relocated to Downtown Bridgeport in order to be part of the new and upcoming revitalization.  Bridgeport and surrounding areas love the new office, it's antique decor, new massage area that feels like a garden oasis, and classical music make for an experience on top of a great massage. 

She still sees a lot of athletes and even a few princesses from Disney on Ice, stunt performers in Guardians of the Galaxy, and even some hockey players.  


2023  Lynn plans to create a training manual and get Rapha Technique recognized by The Massage Board in order to teach it all over the USA.

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Licensed Massage Therapist # 4226


"My passion is to help aid clients in their healing process. The more banged up you are, the more you appreciate my technique. I not only go after the main problem, but also all the secondary muscles that are involved to give you a complete release." Lynn Moaher-Howell

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CT Post

Stunt woman turned massage therapist develops unique healing touch

Lynn Mosher knows first-hand the pain that can result from physical activity and injuries, and the benefits of a massage for relaxation and recovery. The former actress and stunt woman racked up a …

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SYLVESTER: Loves to meet new people and escorts them to the massage room. Known to rub legs and roll over for belly rubs. Formerly a street cat that was abandoned.

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