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  • A (pain-free) deep tissue massage using a hot towel technique
    50 min
    80 US dollars
  • Buy 3 sessions and save! Book first 50 minutes, have 100 minutes left ...
    50 min
    210 US dollars
  • A longer/harder massage for stubborn muscle issues
    1 hr
    120 US dollars
  • Buy 3 hours to use how ever you like from 30 to 90 minute sessions
    1 hr
    325 US dollars
  • Perfect for recovery from any kind of surgery and swelling. A light an...
    45 min
    100 US dollars
  • Get 6 sessions for the price of 5 by buying the package.
    50 min
    500 US dollars
  • 2 services for 2 peole over 2 hours. Not a couples massage but better
    2 hr
    240 US dollars
  • A special massage technique for "soon-to-be" mothers
    50 min
    95 US dollars
  • Add 25 minutes to your massage
    30 min
    50 US dollars
  • Reset on PEMF mat with red light therapy
    1 hr
    25 US dollars

No Show & Cancelation Policy: You can move your appointment up to 6 hours prior to appointment so I have time to rebook that spot. If you do not show up, you can still rebook at a cost of $25 or you have forfeited the payment.  If you want to cancel, you will be charged $15 (6 or more hours prior, $25 after) and the balance will be sent back.  I take a lot of time to address any problems and set up the office so I need to be compensated for my time.. No refund will be given after 30 days.  Prepaid Gift Certificates never lose their value so they are great gifts.

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